by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

A few months ago we introduced Pilot Relocation Costs. Soon after release, we enriched the experience with accurate worldwide holiday rates, and peak travel season price hikes. …

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

plane with its floats underwater // credit: mooseymoose

We finally got those water runways, and not only are they now in the database, but we can also spawn on them to begin flights. Additionally, they’re available for us to index and use for content creation on The Skypark!

But let’s not get…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

they meet

Hello again fellow aviators! Let’s take a trip behind the scenes…building #FreedomFox started with wishful thinking in the form of a question, “What if we built our first plane with aviation video star Trent Palmer?” To our surprise, that quickly became a reality, and…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

The PMDG 777 is one of the most popular aircraft in its category, and we’re excited to present this package which enhances it even further. Harnessing the power of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 and its enhanced shaders allowed us to leverage all-new tech in…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

//42 717 immersion lighting and tfdi 717 aircraft sitting on runway

Built for the TFDi Design 717 and now fully v5 compatible, the effects displayed in 717 Immersion provide an immersive experience that is second to none! This free update is available now, and don’t worry v4 users, you’re still officially supported.

717 Immersion was…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

When last interviewed by FSElite they asked about the introduction of costs into the platform now that we introduced Game Modes. To be completely transparent, since our early access launch “What can I use my money for?” has been the number one question. My…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

At the very core of our mission statement with The Skypark is “Freedom.” Freedom to fly what you own, freedom to fly where you want, and starting today, freedom to play the game YOUR way.

Some of you may be thinking, “But when can…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

pmdg 777 landing with //42 777 immersion v1 in fsx

In the movie TRON, “End of Line” is used by programs similar to the way humans use phrases like “That’s final” and “That will be all.” …

Parallel 42 releases a revolutionary platform for the enjoyment of flight simulation built on a simple concept; Less Planning, More Flying.

The Skypark is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as early access.

the skypad in microsoft flight simulator 2020

Flight simulation can be pretty dull without a feeling of purpose. Even the most adventurous simmers can…

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

The hardest thing for an artist to do is to put a price on their own work. They know better than anyone what it took to get to where they were able to produce something the world want to enjoy. …

Parallel 42

Parallel 42 offers solutions for simmers to make their flight simulation experience more immersive.

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