Trent Palmer’s FreedomFox & Fox2 land on Marketplace for PC & Xbox

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4 min readApr 20, 2022

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

Trent Palmer lives out the dream of many aviators, and thru a background in cinematography, he shares those adventures with the world. With over 50 million views on YouTube, he is an icon in the industry, but the real star of the channel is FreedomFox, Trent’s signature Kitfox™ build. It’s been a long-standing public figure in aviation, specifically for backcountry or bush flying.

Bush flying is the most fun you could have in the sky with friends. The thought of bringing this experience not only to PC users but to Xbox’s around the world is the ultimate goal for us at Parallel 42 (//42).

FreedomFox for MSFS was built by //42 in collaboration with Trent. We set out to meticulously recreate the aircraft and, more importantly, the vibe of flying it. The result is an aircraft flight tested in-sim by Trent himself, and his signature on the dashboard validates that mark of perfection.

Today I’m happy to announce that FreedomFox is now available in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace on PC and Xbox.

Your purchase includes two aircraft, Trent Palmer’s FreedomFox, and a customized variant we like to call “Fox2” with a beautiful selection of liveries. You’ll also receive several “Scenes” where the aircraft will feel right at home. These are inspired by real-world bush flying adventures and have ICAO beginning with 42xx.

Product Features

  • Fun!
  • AIRCRAFT: Trent Palmer’s Freedom Fox
  • AIRCRAFT: //42 Fox2
  • SCENERIES: //42 Scenes (bush plane camping sceneries)
  • Cockpit.
  • GotGravel STOL flight model, tested in MSFS by Trent Palmer
  • Dual Garmin™ style G3X Units
  • Realistic electrical system fault/overload simulation
  • Accurate Lanes (sensors) simulation
  • Accurate 3D Model based on Kitfox Series 5 STi
  • Beringer Aero™ wheels and brakes
  • Custom flaperon implementation
  • Custom suspension animations
  • Simulated open door overstress wear & tear…
  • Actual Big Tires
  • True to life window scratches/wear/handprints
  • Fully modeled OneWheel™ on the wing (optional)
  • Deployable Camping gear
  • Wig-Wag lights
  • Additional GotGravel performance variants for Fox2
  • and more…


“FreedomFox” started as a Series 5 Kitfox STi. The “STi” stands for STOL Inspired, Kitfox™ Aircraft’s “short take-off and landing” specific wing and landing gear package. The FreedomFox runs a Rotax 915iS Turbocharged/Fuel Injected engine, Beringer Aero™ wheels & brakes, dual Garmin™ units, and other custom modifications. //42 will continue to track the evolution of FreedomFox, and feature updates will be available as long as the sim enables it.


Fox2 is also based on a Series 5 Kitfox™ STi and is our very own project build. We were inspired to create an aircraft that would be competitive in STOL Drag races; think of Fox2 like a sleeper. It may display a 915iS badge, but it’s definitely not factory fresh. It includes an experimental engine upgrade and much more. These will appear in your sim as Stage1 and Stage2 variants.


A new venture by //42, Scenes have a small footprint vs. that of complete sceneries that cover a larger area. These are installed automatically with your purchase and have ICAOs that begin with 42xx. Multiple scenes are included at no additional cost as a thank you for purchasing our aircraft. From the BushPlane Campout to the Mars With Flowers experience, you’re sure to find the perfect little hideout for your adventures. Expect more in the future!

Closing thoughts

FreedomFox // Fox2 are excellent aircraft for beginners in flight sim, with modern-day comforts of autopilot systems and a manageable amount of study-like simulation. We hope to be the chosen aircraft for a bit of fun and learning for PC and Xbox users worldwide. Oh, and all the in-sim checklists work too! 🤘

FreedomFox & Fox2 are now available via Marketplace on PC & Xbox.
SEARCH : FreedomFox

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