UPDATE: Campout Utility for PC & Xbox gets a Winter Pack!

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3 min readApr 20, 2023

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

Hello Campers!

In our last object update, we delivered a “Best Friend” pack that brought well over a dozen canine friends into //42 Campout. Now, as the southern hemisphere starts to experience the cruelty of winter, we bring you a Winter Pack!

This “Winter Pack” update brings 14 new objects to choose from and place in the open world. Winter camping may not appeal to everyone, but for those who enjoy it, there are some unique benefits compared to camping in other seasons. A major advantage is the stunning winter scenery, like snow-covered landscapes and glacier valleys. Winter camping also presents opportunities for adventure, such as cross-country skiing or snowboarding.

It is important to note that winter camping is not without risks, so appropriate gear is essential for a safe and comfortable trip, and we’ve made sure you’ll have all the gear you need.

The Winter Pack update is free to all //42 Campout owners. Enjoy!



  • 14 new Winter Pack objects w/placement sounds
    - Winter Tent
    - Heated Tent
    - Snow Pile (2 styles)
    - Snowman
    - Sled w/gear
    - Skis
    - Winter Backpack
    - Snow Shovel
    - Snowboard
    - Winter Fire Bucket
    - Ski Boots
    - Winter Boots
    - Marker Pole
  • 3 new Best Friend Pack objects
    - “Elon” Husky
    - Food Bowl
    - Water Bowl


  • Renamed original One XL Tent to Tent


The Winter Pack update is free to all //42 Campout owners. The current deployment status for each can be seen below.

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Marketplace PC/XBOX: ✅

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