UPDATE: Jan 6, 2022 FreedomFox // Fox2 update now LIVE

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2 min readJan 6, 2022

by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

Happy New Year to all!

Last update we knocked out the sound design update, and this time the main battle was with Checklists. Building the Interactive Checklists was way harder than it should have been, but that probably explains why most developers don’t go down the path of using the feature. We believe that in preparation for the Xbox market it’s not a feature to be overlooked. Providing a checklist thru the in-sim menu was a challenge for us internally, and I’m happy to say we’ve done it!

FreedomFox // Fox2 are excellent aircraft for beginners in flight sim, with modern-day comforts of autopilot systems, and a manageable amount of study-like simulation. We hope to be the chosen aircraft for a bit of fun and learning once we hit the MS Marketplace.

The update is now LIVE and includes a few other cool things listed in our changelog below. This update requires updating via Orbx Central.

  • Interactive Checklists (in-sim)
  • Accurate Lanes (sensors) simulation
  • Improved flight stick textures
  • Improved camera positions
  • Improved trim axis code to avoid hardware reversal by sim
  • Addition of AIRPAC1 Livery Pack to Mod Manager
  • Update to Photosbykev “Desert Oasis” scenery
  • Update to Canuckshaws Livery Pack
  • Found a missing nut rolling around in cabin, re-attached to pax door.
  • Minor updates to core 3D Model (liveries unaffected)
  • Mod Manager now self-updates
  • Mod Manager now creates links in Start Menu & Desktop
  • Updated Product Page to remove completed To-Dos!

//42 FreedomFox & Fox2 are available: https://parallel42.com/products/freedomfox-fox2-complete

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