by Edson Soriano, Managing Director //42

Last week we announced the release of FreedomFox on the Flight Simulator Marketplace. Since then, I’ve been blown away by how many of our aircraft are in the sky at any given moment! Having randomly come across massive group flights and joining them, seeing the community uphold the concept of not letting a fox fly alone is simply awesome!

It’s not all gravy tho, Microsofts in-sim Marketplace introduces many delays into our release and update flow, hurdles which are non-existent via Orbx.

As such, these posts are no longer blanket updates that apply to all customers, due to processing delays that are out of our control. Some will have it now (Orbx), some a bit later (Marketplace), but we’ve got some cool new stuff so let’s get into it!

Platform Unification

This week we shifted our attention to unifying liveries across all builds for a smooth cross-platform multiplayer experience. Driving this update is a major change to the way users will access Stage 1 / Stage 2 variants of Fox2. Modded Fox2 variants will now show up in-sim when browsing aircraft. This saves you from needing to exit the sim when swapping engine options to fly with friends.

Worried about liveries with all these changes?! Well, we’ve made the Mod Manager smart enough to update any properly created livery packs you’ve downloaded from the web. Run it, and you’ll be prompted to update them. Painters that distribute thru Mod Manager already have their packs updated.

Are you a livery artist? Want to be on the inside line for future changes that may affect your art? Ping us:

New 912iS Fox2…“Low n’ Slow”

Also in this update, we’ve introduced a 912iS powered Fox2. With 100 horsepower compared to the 141 in the base 915iS, it’s a great aircraft when you’re not racing the sun to a backcountry airstrip. This will show up in-sim as a new aircraft and is ready for your next adventure. Maybe try those sandbars with this bad boy before wrecking another Stage 2 !?

FreedomFox // Fox2 are excellent aircraft for beginners in flight sim, with modern-day comforts of autopilot systems, and a manageable amount of study-like simulation. We hope to be the chosen aircraft for a bit of fun and learning for PC and Xbox users worldwide.


//42 Direct:✅
Orbx: ✅
Marketplace: ✅

TO UPDATE: Please verify files thru Orbx. (Marketplace your build is coming)

This update includes a few other things listed in our changelog below.


  • FF/F2: Multiplayer tent states.
  • F2: New 912iS “Low n’ Slow” variant w/100hp
  • MODS: VR Prop Fix, smoothing out prop texture for VR use.
  • SCENES: Soundscapes! We’re testing immersive sounds in some of our scenes.
  • (MP) SCENES: New //42 “Desert Oasis”, home of FreedomFox (FFOX)


  • F2: Added Fox2 Stage 1 / Stage 2 variants in-sim. No longer requires exiting to Mod Manager
  • F2: Engine data now default on primary GPS unit in addition to secondary.
  • MODS: Liveries are now unified across all platforms including Xbox, painters can continue to target a specific aircraft variant.
  • MODS: Mod Manager will prompt you to update downloaded liveries to the new split variants approach.
  • SCENES: Updated firepit animation (42BC)
  • SCENES: Added Firepit sounds (42BC)
  • SCENES: Added Distant chainsaw sounds behind cabin(42BC)
  • SCENES: Tree trunks now collidable (42BC)
  • SCENES: Rocks now collidable (42BC)
  • SCENES: Driftwood now collidable (42BC)


  • FF/F2: Optimized door handles, light switches, start power switch & more for Xbox controller operation.
  • SCENES: Updated Bushplane Campout (42BC) scene for removal of ground crew & vehicles.

FreedomFox & Fox2 are now available via Orbx or Marketplace on PC & Xbox. SEARCH : FreedomFox

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